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This website was created for the module LCW – Leading in a Changing World (PSBM005CL).

Lecturer: Dr. Michelle Yeo Mei Ling

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LCW Blog Assignment 5 – Ashiq Osman

Challenges of Leadership and Learning Organisations In 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was to deliver a speech in Dallas stating, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” (Brazeau, 2008). Over the years, many scholars have shown the intrinsic relationship between leadership and learning such as Peter Senge’s inContinue reading “LCW Blog Assignment 5 – Ashiq Osman”

LCW Blog Assignment 4 – Ashiq Osman

Leadership and Change Management – Transactional and Transformational Leadership When Singapore gained independence in 1965, one of the new government’s priorities was to form a full-time army that would be responsible for Singapore’s defence (NLB, 2015). Lieutenant-General (LG) Winston Choo was one of the key people who led the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) from itsContinue reading “LCW Blog Assignment 4 – Ashiq Osman”

LCW Blog Assignment 3 – Ashiq Osman

Leaders and Motivation – Transformational and Charismatic Leadership After Singapore was separated from Malaysia in 1965, Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) became the national airline for both countries the following year. Richard Kuok, who was the chairman of MSA, shared the following about his encounters with Joseph Yuvaraj Pillay (J. Y. Pillay), who was one of Singapore’sContinue reading “LCW Blog Assignment 3 – Ashiq Osman”

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